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How to Select Color When Decorating

If you’re thinking about painting a room, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the main color on the wall. But have you thought about the accents and the details? At Windows, Walls & More here in West Bloomfield, we can help you explore the best avenues for adding color to a room—including how to manage the details. Read on for more!

Selecting a Color

As you plan your new wall color, think about everything might come together. And easy way to do that is to consult a color wheel, which can show you the relationships between colors. Colors directly across from each other on the wheel will be complementary; colors next to each other are analogous. Also think about the vibe you want for the room—do you want bold, bright colors to create energy, or do you want mellower colors, to create a sense of repose?

How to Match the Baseboards

The baseboards are more important than you might think, and they certainly don’t have to stay white if that’s the way they currently are. You can actually add some great depth to your room by swapping out the baseboard color as well. Just remember that consistency is key: you don’t necessarily need to add the same color in all your rooms, be sure to keep to the same color within each room, to create a seamless experience. Here are a few options:

  • Off-white. If your wall is a dark color, using ivory, cream, or off-white can offset it nicely. Watch out that these lighter colors aren’t tinged with blue or pink undertones; speak with a color professional to get the right shade.
  • Stain. Stain brings real-wood character back to the baseboards and can create a rich, warm, traditional feel. For light-colored walls, use a lighter stain, and for dark-colored walls, use a darker stain.
  • Dark colors. Dark colors on the baseboards will result in a contemporary look for the space. Dark baseboards are especially good for small rooms because they’ll add depth.

What Works When Selecting Window Treatments?

Much like with the baseboards, your window treatments can help tie your room’s look together. If your walls are bright, bold colors, consider neutral window fashions for balance. Duette® Cellular Shades from Hunter Douglas are available in a variety of neutral colors. Or, if your walls are neutral, look to window fashions with a hint of color or pattern; you could even add Carole Fabrics™Custom Drapes side panels or drapery to your existing treatments to bring that little zing.

How to Design With Color in West Bloomfield, Livonia MI Areas

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