Safety Measures When You Travel

New Home Construction Ideas
New Home Construction Ideas

With Labor Day weekend coming up and chances to get one last trip in before school starts for the kids, many people here in the West Bloomfield area are thinking about getting away. However, that means that many homes are left unattended, which can be a playground for thieves. At Windows, Walls & More, we have a few suggestions for how to help deter theft, even if you don’t have a security system. Check them out below!

Keep It off Social Media

Posting life events is a great way to keep people “in the know” about your life—but unfortunately, it’s also a great way for thieves to know if your house is empty. Avoid posting about your trip until after you’re back to help ensure that fewer people know your plans and therefore won’t be stalking your house.

Lock It Up

The obvious thing everyone does is to lock their external doors, which is, of course, important. However, also be sure to check that all your windows are firmly latched (especially any on the ground floor) and consider disconnecting your automatic garage door opener if you have one.

A Favor From a Friend

Ask someone—a friend or neighbor—to keep an eye on your place while you’re away. If they’re able to check in at least every other day, that’s best, to help guard against intruders and to see if anything has gone wrong, like a burst pipe or sprinkler system malfunction. If you haven’t asked the post office to hold your mail, see if that person can collect it (ideally daily) so that no one can see that you’re gone and to help prevent mail theft.

Your Windows as a Disguise

Did you know that, if you have PowerView® Automation on your window fashions, you’re adding a layer of security to your home? It’s true! With automated window fashions, you can set open and close schedules or have the system move them based on local sunrise and sunset times. If you don’t want a set schedule for them, you can control them using your smartphone from wherever you are, to make it seem like someone is still inhabiting your house.

Protect Your Home in West Bloomfield

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