Designer Solar Screen Shades From Hunter Douglas

Designer Screen Shades in the Office
Designer Screen Shades in the Office

At Windows, Walls & More in Bloomfield Hills, we know the value of quality and excellence. And nowhere does that show up more than in Hunter Douglas products. For example, their designer solar screen shades will help a home control heat, light, and UV rays, all while allowing great view-through. Speak to one of our specialists to see these great products in action.

Combination of Science and Design

When you’re looking at screen shades, one thing to be aware of is the “openness factor,” which refers to how much you are able to see through the shade. The higher the openness factor, the larger the weave of the fabric. For example, a fabric with an openness factor of 10% will allow more light and heat to pass through while giving you more view-through versus a fabric with an openness factor of 5%.

Fabric Components

Most Designer Screen Shade fabrics carry distinct solar optical properties that will tell you if the roller shade fabric is right for your home or business. Find out about each of the following properties in the fabrics you consider:

  • (Rs) Solar Reflectance—this is the amount of solar energy/heat that is reflected away from the window back outside. The higher the number, the better the fabric is at reflecting solar heat. Light-colored fabrics will reflect more light
  • (Tv) Visible Light Transmittance—this is the amount of visible light that comes through the glass and fabric. The higher the number, the less light that passes through the fabric
  • (As) Solar Absorption—this is the absorption of light and heat. This is what heats up shade fabric. A low number means the shade absorbs very little solar energy, which allows heat into your space
  • (Ts) Solar Transmittance—this is the amount of total solar energy that passes through the shade fabric into a room. The larger the number, the higher the amount of solar energy that is entering the space

Benefits of Performance Fabrics

The following fabrics in the Designer Screen Shade collection are rated as “performance” fabrics: Chill, Defy, Flux, and Radiant. These fabrics are designed to outperform light and dark fabrics when a project requires excellent heat control, glare control, UV protection, and view-through characteristics. Special features built into these performance fabrics include a highly reflective exterior regardless of the room-side color.

Designer Screen Shades in Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills MI

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