Changing Your Design Style

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For some people, decorating a home comes in stages, not all at once. Unfortunately, that can sometimes result in a disjointed look in a home. If you’re in that boat—or if you’re just wanting to make a change to your current look—you might want some ideas on different styles you could adopt. At Windows, Walls & More here in West Bloomfield, we’ll be more than happy to help you determine what works for you and how to bring that style to your home. Read on to learn about contemporary design style and how that might work for your space.

The Elements of Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is for people who like to work with trending pieces and styles. With contemporary style, you’ll see softening of the edges, with rounded, clean lines and a base of neutral colors (with a few pops of color in accents). It is marked by simplicity and sophistication, updated materials, and on-trend shapes and textures. Here are some ways to bring it to your home:

  • Start With the Neutrals. The base color in contemporary style is neutral—consider colors such as beige, gray, white, and cream. You can also use black as a grounding color. Once your neutral is in place, you can add pops of color in your accessories, artwork, or window fashions. That said, if you choose to make your walls a bright color, you should use neutrals everywhere else.
  • Add Texture. Think of exciting ways to add texture—it could be through metal, stone, glass, or textiles. Add textured wall designs or use natural wood on a design on the wall. Use textured fabrics for accent pillows or rugs. And don’t forget your window treatments. Consider Provenance® Woven Woods, which are made from natural reeds, woods, grass, and bamboo, to add textured nature to the room.
  • Round It Out With Lighting. In contemporary spaces, light and shadow work together to add depth and create visual interest. Add different kinds of light—both from above and from below—to create interesting visual lines in the room. And let natural light do some work too, by getting the right window treatment to control the light the way you want. Speak with one of our representatives to determine what might be the best for your situation.

Contemporary Design in West Bloomfield, Novi MI Areas

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